The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

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Real People. Real Experience. Real Stories.

RSR analysts have over 100 years combined retail experience, which is used in concert with data from one of the longest-running benchmarks of retailers’ business strategies.

This combination of data and experience gives audiences the right mix of real-life experiences, grounded in real-world data from retailers around the world. RSR’s company mission is to elevate the conversation about technology in retail, and we bring that passion to every interaction, from panel moderation or participation, to sales kickoffs, keynote speeches, workshops and training sessions.

Why Book an RSR Analyst?

  • Candid – We tell it like it is. We don’t use jargon, and we don’t sugar-coat the challenges. But we do focus on providing actionable insights that can help your audience right away.
  • Objective – Our insights are based on real data from retailers about the challenges they’re experiencing today. That keeps us grounded in reality instead of theoretical best practices.
  • Thought-Provoking – We want retail to be even better than it is today. And that means helping retailers make smarter, better-informed technology decisions, and helping solution providers deliver the kinds of solutions that the market needs. We bring that passion to every speech and workshop.
  • Business-Oriented – Our core value is to talk about technology in the context of business challenges and opportunities, not in a vacuum.
  • Flexible – RSR is a boutique firm, with the flexibility to meet your needs. Have a specific topic you want addressed? We have the depth and breadth of experience to cover almost any retail topic from any angle. Want to try something creative or stand out in a world overwhelmed by webinars and roadshows? We’re up for experimentation.

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