The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

For Retailers

Many retailers know RSR for its public content: its benchmark reports, webinars, and newsletter articles. You may have also seen one of our partners speaking at user groups and trade conferences, sharing data and insights obtained from our retailer surveys, or commenting on retail trends in the media.

However, did you know that RSR also advises retailers in private, one-on-one settings? We bring a fresh perspective informed by our industry experience, reinforced by our research insights. Whether it’s helping to develop an IT roadmap, navigating a new market/region/direction, or advising on internal organizational alignment, RSR can help.

Our private retail client list includes some of the largest (and smallest!) retail brands in the world. But you’ll never know who they are. Just as with individual survey responses, we never share our retailer client list with anyone.

Services For Retailers:

  • Retail industry executive perspective
  • Impact assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Business case analysis
  • Keynote presentations
  • Annual advisory

Compare and contrast your agenda to current trends in the retail industry. RSR will help you make sure your executive team is aligned on the challenges your company faces, and has no blind spots when it comes to what might happen next. Retail is changing faster than ever. Your executive team needs external perspectives to keep up.

Evaluate your IT strategy and roadmap against what’s working in the marketplace. RSR will leverage its deep bed of research into all of the most important topics in retail to identify the state of the art in technology investments, and the pain points and business challenges driving those investments. Is your current roadmap enough to keep your company competitive?

Deep-dive analysis of your IT organization and strategy against peers in the industry. With shadow IT all over the place and business executives increasingly making IT investments on their own, it’s critical to understand whether your IT organization is positioned to deliver on the future demands of the omni-channel consumer. RSR will provide an objective, data driven view on your IT organization’s strengths and gaps.

An external, objective point of view to evaluate a project’s business case and ROI expectations. Based on RSR’s benchmark research, our analysis looks at processes to be impacted, the level of impact anticipated, and the likelihood of achieving that impact, based on other retailers’ experiences. We don’t recommend vendors, and we provide no competitive intelligence that might become a conflict of interest – our analysis is truly objective.

We bring an objective, candid perspective to company and store manager meetings. We can inspire, inform, paint a vision for the future or provide context around where the industry is today. See our Speaker page for more information.

In the fast-paced world of retail transformation, RSR provides candid, objective views into the emerging trends and challenges the industry faces today and tomorrow. Our annual advisories package this access into year-long relationships.

All of these services can be delivered according to your need and budget. As with all our client services, RSR prides itself on flexibility and customization: we are not here to fit your business into our list of services – we tailor our services to your exact and unique needs.

For more information, please contact Linda Wolfe.