The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

RSR Research Agenda

Retail eCommerce In Context

  • Survey Release: May-2021
  • Report Release: Jun-2021 View Report

Creating Business Advantage With Location Intelligence

  • Survey Release: Apr-2021
  • Report Release: Jul-2021 View Report

What Contactless Retail Means To The Store

  • Survey Release: Mar-2021
  • Report Release: Aug-2021 View Report

An Agile Merchandising Lifecycle In The Age Of Disruption

  • Survey Release: Sep-2021 Active
  • Report Release: Nov-2021

Are Retailers And Consumers In Sync On Social Responsibility?

  • Survey Release: Sep-2021
  • Report Release: Dec-2021

Rebooting Independent Retail

  • Survey Release: Oct-2021
  • Report Release: Dec-2021

Research Slot Available For Your Ideas In Time For The Big Show!

  • Survey Release: Oct-2021
  • Report Release: Jan-2022