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RSR Research Agenda

Beyond COVID: The Role Of Retail Employees In 2020

  • Survey Release: Sep-2020
  • Report Release: Nov-2020 View Report

Pricing In 2021: What’s The Best Way Forward?

  • Survey Release: Jan-2021
  • Report Release: Mar-2021

How Retailers Manage A Newly Distributed Enterprise

  • Survey Release: Mar-2021
  • Report Release: Jun-2021

Contactless Retailing: Order Orchestration And Fulfillment

  • Survey Release: Apr-2021
  • Report Release: Jul-2021

The Retail Supply Chain – Achieving Agility Without Sacrificing Efficiency

  • Survey Release: May-2021
  • Report Release: Sep-2021

The Independent Retailer

  • Survey Release: Jul-2021
  • Report Release: Sep-2021

Research Slot 1 Available For Your Ideas

  • Survey Release: Jul-2021
  • Report Release: Oct-2021

An Agile Merchandising Lifecycle In The Age Of Disruption

  • Survey Release: Aug-2021
  • Report Release: Nov-2021

More To Come

  • Survey Release: Nov-2021
  • Report Release: Jan-2022