The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

For Solutions Providers

We have a saying at RSR: “We like to help solution providers make all of their mistakes in private.” It’s not just a catch-phrase, it’s part of our DNA. When we work with solution providers, our goal is to help them put their absolute best foot forward when talking to – and working with – retailers.

Whether it’s getting your messaging right, knowing exactly where retailers’ pain points are, breaking into new markets or crafting a presentation deck that stands apart, we’re here to help. And unlike other experiences you may have had, the information you share in confidence stays in confidence.

All of these services can be delivered according to your need and budget. As with all our client services, RSR prides itself on flexibility and customization: we are not here to fit your business into our list of services – we tailor our engagements to your exact and unique needs.

For more information, please contact Linda Wolfe.

Advisory Services

  • Retail industry executive perspective
  • State of the industry deep dive
  • Product strategy roadmap
  • Positioning strategy
  • Sales training
  • Annual advisory

Understand retail industry dynamics and strategies. RSR can provide as deep or as broad of a view required to understand the dynamics of the retail market. From the mind of the CXO to the mind of the retail consumer, all the way through their impact on the retail enterprise as a whole to specific departments or teams within the company. RSR has the research and the experience to accelerate any solution provider’s understanding of the retail industry and how it applies to their business.

Stay on top of emerging issues in a specific topic area. From Merchandising and Supply Chain, to Store, to eCommerce, to everything in between, RSR can provide a deep dive perspective on the business challenges, opportunities, and organizational inhibitors that ultimately shape retailers’ technology investments for any part of the retail enterprise.

Data-driven support for prioritizing development efforts. RSR provides a unique approach to analyzing your product roadmap: it’s not about what competitors have or don’t have. It’s about what retailers value and are willing to invest in. Take advantage of RSR’s unique methodology to make sure your roadmap will resonate with the market.

Develop a message that effectively positions solutions to retailer needs and pain points. RSR has extensive experience helping solution providers match their solutions to retailers’ pain points. Even more important: retailers are looking for guidance and a strong solution provider point of view on the future of retail. Our deep bed of research, combined with our industry experience will help you make sure your message is aligned to the right buyer at the right level.

Provide the sales team with data and tools to effectively engage with retail prospects. RSR can provide perspectives on everything from high-level trends down to specific tactics to undertake to ensure you get – and keep – the retail executive’s attention.

On-going support for go-to-market strategies. The retail industry moves fast, and solution providers must move even faster. RSR’s advisory relationships are customized for each client to meet their specific needs, and we are easy to engage with, and always there to help.

Research Services

  • Benchmark Reports
  • Custom Research
  • Future Outlooks
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • Speeches

Broad-based, survey-driven analysis of retailers’ strategies in specific business areas. If you’re interested in sponsoring a report, contact Linda Wolfe.

In-depth analysis of retailers’ perspectives on the topic of your choice with the audience of your choice. If you’re interested, contact Linda Wolfe

Short, focused content derived from RSR’s benchmark reports. If you’re interested, contact Linda Wolfe

Custom evaluation tools to help retailers understand the impact a solution will have on retailer business processes. Contact Linda Wolfe

Custom research that evaluates retailers’ priorities against consumers’ priorities for any given topic in a 360-degree view. Contact Linda Wolfe

Topics relevant to retail, in a variety of formats, from workshops and roadshows to keynote speeches to panel moderation or participation delivered online or in-person. Contact Linda Wolfe