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Supply Chain Execution: New Challenges Demand New Solutions

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There are two sides of the supply chain: the “buy” side (getting products to stores and DCs), and the “sell side” – getting products into customer’s
hands. The sell side used to be relatively straightforward.

This is no longer true.

And with new stresses coming from every angle, retailers are having a really difficult time adapting.

Download the new report for a candid deep dive into the topic.

The 2017 Supply Chain Execution report contains:

  • 18 data charts
  • 23 pages of analysis
  • Perspectives on retailers’ top Supply Chain challenges
  • Retailers’ reported priorities
  • Perspectives on the organizational inhibitors getting in their way
  • An overview of the Supply Chain technology investments retailers plan to make — short term, and long term

Stay on top of retailers’ challenges and where they are looking for help to overcome those challenges. Download the report today!

Our companion eBook, “Supply Chain Execution 2017: The eBook” is an easy to read guide for the business user in RSR’s typical no-nonsense style. It’s a must read for all executives.

The report is part of RSR Research’s ongoing efforts to provide market intelligence on retail technology trends.

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Benchmarks October 12, 2017
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