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RSR Updates On The Way: Your Eagle Eyes Would Be Appreciated

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Back in November, we updated the back end of our website. Our old small-time boutique-style provider was winding down, and the thought process was “let’s just roll onto the industry standard and be done with it.”

We hear similar stories about these kinds of decision from our retailer and vendor clients all the time, and the one common goal is always the same: make sure the user experiences the least amount of interruption possible.

So we did all the smartest things we could think of do ensure that was the case. A late night conversion, on a weekend, right around Thanksgiving when our readers have so many other things going on that they consistently deliver some of the lowest engagement numbers of the year. Perfect, right?

We thought so. And here’s the real problem: for nearly two full months after the migration we were being shown report after report saying that all was well.

And then we went and did some really exhaustive digging on our own, and found something far more nefarious: FAR too many people were successfully accessing our research report landing pages, only to then have a glitch prevent them from downloading the full report, itself.

Some of you reached out and told us when this happened, and for you we are eternally thankful. Because had it not been for these personal emails, the developers involved never would have accepted that there was an issue. Even with those specific emails, we were constantly being told it was user error, and that it was to be expected. So truly, from the bottoms of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough if you let us know when this problem arose.

Why are we sharing all this? Three real reasons: one, to apologize to all those who were forced to deal with this nothing-short-of-maddening roadblock. Two, to (can’t stress this enough) thank those who let us know when they got stuck.

But perhaps the most important reason is that later this week, we are going to be relying on our developers to drastically streamline our registration process. It is annoyingly, needlessly long, and was part of the reason the glitch was obfuscated from us in the first place.

So our ask is pretty straightforward: if you encounter any issue with accessing our content in the next few weeks (password resets, content selection – any of it), please do let us know.

If you can’t tell, as a very small company trying to put out reliably solid content in a big guy’s world, we’d really appreciate it!

Newsletter Articles March 2, 2021
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