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What Can Be Done With All That Location Data?

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Tomorrow (at 2pm EDT) we’ll be hosting a webinar on some real-world use cases for location analytics. Why? Because we’ve been fascinated by the topic for far quite some time now. As is often the case, we started benchmarking where retailers stood with their efforts to fold in location data before they were likely even ready to talk about the topic. The result is that we’ve got several years’ worth of data on the matter, and – even if we were early to market talking about it – we think people will want to hear what we’ve found.

Take, for example, the following few sentences, which served as the opening of our first ever benchmark on the report back in 2017:

Retailers have been using demographic and psychographic data to plan store locations for years. But today, they can dynamically link current customer flow data and information from consumers’ eCommerce, social activities and mobile phones to know things that would, just a few years ago, be seen as science fiction.

The possibilities afforded by these technologies is incredibly exciting. However, the reality of where retailers are in their journeys is an entirely different story…. Even at the highest levels, retailers don’t really understand either the rewards or the risks associated with anonymous vs. non-anonymous customer geo-location data. This makes the host of Business Challenges facing them all the more daunting.

Our industry has come a long way since then!

So if you’ve got the time, join us tomorrow as we host a discussion with industry experts designed to bring this very complicated concept down to earth. What can retailers currently do with customer location data? What are some of the best real-world use cases happening right now? And what are 5 things ALL retailers should be thinking about right now?

RSR’s very own Brian Kilcourse will be joined by Gaylene Meyer from Impinj, Dan Mitchell from SAS and Gary Sankary from ESRI. The conversation will be lively – join us! 

Newsletter Articles September 14, 2022
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