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We Share Our NRF Big Show Insights


Last week we hosted our annual “what we saw at NRF” webinar. A LOT of you attended, and others signed up to watch it later at a more convenient time. In fact, just like the numbers for the show itself, our numbers this year were the largest we’ve ever had. These kinds of stats tend to put the final few nails into any “retail is dying” coffin.

But we were most blown away by the positive feedback we’ve received since the webinar took place. These days, there are no shortage of places to find coverage of the Big Show’s happenings. And with ours taking place two weeks after the Javitz Center empties out, it’s not like we’re the first to market. However, it seems our willingness to candidly call out the good, the bad and the ugly of this landmark event year in and year out holds value for not only those who couldn’t make the trip to New York, but also for those who were there - but just not able to tour the show floor very much.

When the webinar is over we typically just send the link to people who registered to watch it in advance. But this year we’re trying something a little different. We’ve put it up on YouTube, and we’re inviting anyone who wants to watch it to do just that.

So spread the love – the link is right here – and we invite you to share it with anyone you think might be interested in what we saw at this year’s NRF Big Show.

Just be prepared for the occasional mention of AI!


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Articles & Opinions February 5, 2019
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