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Uncharted: Store Plans Vary Across The Atlantic


As many readers have come to know by now, we collect a LOT more data on every subject we study each year than we can fit into our benchmark reports. And we like to share the data periodically as part of our “Uncharted” series. Below is one of the more interesting Uncharteds from our most recent store survey, whereby we asked retailers two forward-looking questions. One - if budget were no issue, what would you want to do most to help stores thrive? We talk a lot about those results in the report, but the answer – regardless of who you ask - is “getting new technologies out to stores.”

But in the real world, budget is an issue. So take a look a look below at how those answers get weighed under the lens of reality – and more specifically – how they differ by region:

While North American retailers focus on getting closer to customers – and making investments in hiring better employees to help facilitate that relationship – European retailers instead focus on changing the store, itself. How will this shift in prioritization play out over the next few years, and will these regions ultimately learn best practices from one another? One trip to the newly developed strip malls of Paris or the smaller-footprint Targets in NYC may suggest the reformatting trends are already well in effect, but what about the push towards better employees here at home?

Check out my partner Brian Kilcourse’s quick video on that very topic here on YouTube.

And as always, if you’d like to read the full report, From Apocalypse To Renaissance, it is free to all.

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Articles & Opinions October 23, 2018
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