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Save The Date: March 24

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If you’re a Larry David fan, you’ve likely had a laugh or two at his reaction to “Save The Date” notifications in Curb Your Enthusiasm. “I don’t save dates. You don’t need to send me something to tell me you’re going to send me something!” An example is right here, if some mild cursing doesn’t offend.

That said, we’ve got a date for you to save.

A few months ago, we kicked around the idea for hosting a webinar whereby one of us (in this case, Brian) would host an online panel of industry experts to essentially ask, “what now?”

We called it, “How To Innovate In A World On Fire,” and we invited some of our favorite thinkers to join us: Ed Wong from JDA, Shannon Colquhoun from Talkdesk and Rob Garf from Salesforce. You can check it out here if you missed it.

The result was pretty fantastic, if we don’t say so ourselves. Not so much because of us, but because of the insights Shannon, Ed and Rob brought, and because of the conversation that ensued as a result. We set out to a do a different kind of webinar, and we think we did just that. Zero fluff – all good stuff.

As a result, we want to do it again. We don’t even have our panelists confirmed yet (started asking some of the folks we’d like to have participate just yesterday) so we can’t quite send a formal invitation: hence this: the Save the Date.

So… Save The Date. March 24th at 1pm ET. “What Now? Vol II” Be there or be square!

Newsletter Articles March 8, 2022
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