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Retail Supply Chain Execution 2016: Dancing In The Dark

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In the face of ever-growing digital sales, knowing how much retailers own, determining how to stop running out of hot product and how to order less of
slow moving merchandise dominates the conversation in Supply Chain Execution today. It’s the next great retail imperative. Retailers maintain the hope
that they can achieve visibility into inventory across the enterprise (even presuming a certain level of inaccuracy). But as this report reveals, any
improvements over the past year have been incremental at best.

The 2016 Supply Chain Execution benchmark contains:

  • 21 data charts
  • 23 pages of analysis
  • Perspectives on whether ship from store is helping save sales – or driving more chaos in supply chain
  • Retailers’ reported priorities in implementing new omni-channel supply chain activities
  • Perspectives on the organizational inhibitors getting in retailers’ way
  • An overview of the technology investments retailers plan to make – short term, and long term

Stay on top of retailers’ supply chain execution challenges and where they are looking for help to overcome those challenges. Download the report today!

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Benchmarks November 10, 2016
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