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Profitable Customer Engagement: The Unmet Promise

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Early efforts to meet consumer demand in unexpected places by leveraging inventory across channels have been relatively successful — certainly, more
and more retailers are capturing sales this way that would otherwise have been lost. But as the volume of these cross-channel sales and fulfillment
activities increase, it raises the question: the more retailers touch their inventory on its way to consumers’ hands, are they really making money?
Or are they burning any potential margin in increased shipping and handling costs?

Profitable Customer Engagement: The Unmet Promise contains analysis of the business drivers, opportunities, and organizational
constraints surrounding retailers’ efforts to creat profitable orders across channels. It also offers baseline recommendations for navigating the future
of omni-channel demand particularly as retailers struggle with evolving consumer technology and its impact on shopping behavior.

The report is part of RSR Research’s ongoing efforts to provide market intelligence on retail technology trends, is sponsored by Aptos.

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Benchmarks May 16, 2016