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Omnichannel Store Health Assessment: Only The Strong Survive

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Retailers know their stores are losing to online and big changes are needed, but they quickly get bogged down over where to start. To help them approach
their stores from a truly omnichannel perspective, and get to real, actionable recommendations, we developed an assessment tool, the Store START Survey.

This report is an overview of the aggregated responses. It provides a take on where retailers’ stores stand across multiple dimensions:

  • Customer value proposition
  • Core competencies of the brand and how those are brought into the store
  • Store service model
  • Tactics focused on content, community, and commerce
  • Employees’ role in delivering on expectations in the store
  • Places to look for funding / savings to pay for store change
  • Alignment to technology investment plans
Are retailers’ stores healthy? We know they are not. But how do your stores compare? Download the report now to get START-ed.


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Benchmarks April 26, 2017
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