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Omni-Channel 2015: Taking Time, Money, Commitment And Technology

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It’s amazing how quickly cross-channel consistency has gone from profit boon to table stakes. While most retailers accept that consumers’ paths-to-purchase
are influenced by digital channels, they find it incredibly hard to keep up with those shoppers.

Customer visibility across channels is considered the most important enabler and the hardest goal to achieve. Finally, even though retailers have spent
time and money focusing on cross-channel fulfilment, the customer experience across channels still remains somewhat fragmented.

What are retailers doing to close the gap? Find out in RSR’s latest benchmark report on Omni-channel Retailing.

Omni-Channel 2015: Taking Time, Money, Commitment And Technology contains analysis of the business drivers, opportunities, and organizational
constraints surrounding retailers’ race to channel consistency. It also offers baseline recommendations for achieving that goal in a step-wise
way, with watch-outs all along the path. The report is part of RSR Research’s ongoing efforts to provide
market intelligence on retail technology trends, is sponsored by hybris software, An SAP Company.

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Benchmarks September 23, 2015
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