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Omni-Channel 2012: Cross-Channel Comes Of Age


When RSR first started conducting cross-channel benchmarks, our going-in thesis involved testing whether retailers thought multi-channel retailing was an important priority. At the time, not all of them did. Today, we find ourselves at a new inflection point — no longer is the discussion about whether cross-channel is important. Instead, whether they view it as strategic or not, every retailer recognizes that if they are to have a future, cross-channel will have to play at least some kind of role.

This year's study also found that retailers are learning that their cross-channel shoppers are increasingly just shoppers, and that their biggest challenge is in how to merge the digital and physical selling worlds into one compelling, seamless customer experience.

Key Findings of the Research:

  • For the first time in RSR's six years of benchmarking cross-channel maturity, the number of retailers reporting that their cross-channel shoppers are significantly more profitable than single-channel channel shoppers has declined, from its peak of 50% in 2011 to 38% of respondents in this year's survey.
  • While 100% of responding retailers believe that the customer shopping experience should be consolidated across all channels for a consistent experience, only 32% have achieved that goal.
  • Not having a single view of customers across all channels has risen as the top inhibitor for 55% of retailers. Retail Winners feel more strongly than other retailers that consolidating customer data across all channels is a prerequisite to prioritizing integrated cross-channel capabilities.
  • A single customer interaction platform that crosses channels, enterprise-wide customer insights, and an enterprise-wide marketing/promotions platform are the top three investment priorities for the next 12-18 months.

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Benchmarks June 12, 2012
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