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Location Analytics: New Data, New Opportunities

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Retailers have long used location analytics as a staple for determining the best locations for their stores, but they used data supplied by others. And
that data was somewhat static.

Now, thanks to an influx of non-transactional data from mobile phones, social networks and eCommerce, retailers have exciting new opportunities to move
beyond the basics to localizing product mixes, improving the quality of their customer interactions, and, of course, more finely tuning their site
selection programs. The challenge, of course, is using this data without sliding into the realm of creepy.

To help understand how retailers feel about the challenges and opportunities, we took a deep dive with retailers into the topic.

Download the resulting report titled, Location Analytics In Retail: Turning New Data Into New Intelligence to see the results.

The report contains:

  • 24 data charts
  • 27 pages of analysis
  • Recommendations for steps to success using Location Analytics
  • Watch-outs to help retailers avoid common pitfalls
  • Perspectives on the kinds of organizational changes these analytics will drive
  • Some surprising data on the retail verticals that are most interested in moving into the next generation of Location Analytics

Download the report now to get a deeper insight into this fascinating topic!

Our companion eBook, The Case For Location-based Intelligence in Retail ( is an easy to read companion piece for the business

The report is part of RSR Research’s ongoing efforts to provide market intelligence on retail technology trends, is sponsored by esri.

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