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Let RSR Help Your Company Get Ready For ‘The Big Show’ In January

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The RSR partners have gone to more retail technology expositions than we care to recall, and have been through good and bad presentations to the point that we can identify what’s working and what isn’t pretty quickly. Some of the recommendations we have made over the years to exhibiting technology companies are just good common sense: calendarize meetings and do your homework before each meeting, don’t be late (or even worse, a no-show), bring your best game and don’t waste people’s time, be flexible, save some time to check out competitors and the innovation lab, etc.

But as NRF “Big Show” veterans know, expo floors can be noisy, chaotic affairs in the best of circumstances, and it is very easy for conference attendees to get seriously distracted (after all, that’s what the people in the booth next to yours are trying to do!). So it’s important that your presentation on the expo floor be as impactful as possible.

That’s where RSR comes in. One of the things our company does for our advisory clients is to help them design their “Big Show” presentations – everything from the physical layout of the booth to the color scheme, to the solution scripts and the case studies that are ultimately presented to prospects. We’re good at this kind of work for two reasons: first, we truly have “seen it all” (in fact, RSR got its start as a research division of a conferences & events organization). Secondly, the RSR team can speak credibly to the kinds of challenges that retailers are dealing with in the real marketplace by virtue of the insights gained from our benchmarks.

This year RSR is trying something new: we are offering this service to all technology companies. Your company can test concepts and messaging in private with the RSR team, and we will give you honest and useful feedback about what works, what doesn’t, and what needs some tweaking (and how!). As is the case with everyone we work with, every conversation is confidential – our objective to this complimentary service is to help you to put your best foot forward.

We hope this idea sparks some interest with your team! To set up your briefing, please contact RSR’s Business Development Director, Linda Wolfe, at

Newsletter Articles November 1, 2022
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