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Digital Selling 2017: Getting Real About Shopper Journeys

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According to RSR’s latest benchmark on retailers’ digital strategies, the digital channel is more important to their future success than
ever before. Forty percent of respondents report that digital is a more profitable channel than stores, and also that it will be a significant driver
of growth over the next three years.

But are retailers doing everything they need to drive digital channel success? The channel seems overdue for a technology refresh, right as retailers are
trying to figure out how to better integrate digital with stores. Will they succeed?

Download the new report to find out.

The 2017 Digital Selling report contains:

  • 20 data charts
  • 25 pages of analysis
  • Perspectives on retailers’ top digital challenges
  • Retailers’ reported priorities in digital’s ability to contribute to their business objectives
  • Perspectives on the organizational inhibitors getting in retailers’ way
  • An overview of the digital technology investments retailers plan to make — short term, and long term. And there are a lot of them coming in the
    near future!

Stay on top of retailers’ challenges and where they are looking for help to overcome those challenges. Download the report today!

No time to read the full report? Check out our eBook on
the topic.

The report is part of RSR Research’s ongoing efforts to provide market intelligence on retail technology trends.


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Benchmarks August 23, 2017
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