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The 2012 Retail Store: In Transition


In the last few years, our continuing research on the “state of the store” has shown us that retailers increasingly understand the need to make the store more relevant. Customers are rapidly tilting the tables with their growing knowledge of products and needs – aided in large part by their breakneck adoption of smart mobile technologies – and retailers recognize consumers' patience is growing thin for a store experience that doesn't meet their needs: quickly.

But 2012 proves to be a banner year for when retailers move from “understanding” to “action”. The best performers have already started rolling more customer-pleasing technologies and services into stores; growing consumer confidence and demand (as well as the ever-lowering price point of intuitive new technologies) makes it a reality for even more retailers to tackle new projects in order stay relevant.

What do these projects look like? What technologies do they include, and what are the most pressing challenges and opportunities that face retailers today in order to make the store more than just a showroom for online sales?

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Benchmarks May 9, 2012
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