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Online Personalization: The Past Is Prologue

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If you read our reports, you know they can be hefty docs. And even with 30+ pages of real estate, we can never fit all of the data we’d like to in there. And thus was born our uncharted series: data we collected, but has never been seen before.

In our recent eCommerce survey, we asked some questions around the buzz-of-the-moment concept of “personalization ” online, and specifically – what retailers think are their most feasible angles to play. Here’s what they told us:

As you can see, retailers still think their best opportunities lie in making adjustments based off past behaviors. The browsing experience, the emails they send, the home page itself, in-session ads and promotions – all stand to benefit from a shopper’s previous activity. What surprised us was how lowly retailers ranked the ability to use predictive analytics to make personalized product recommendations. Elsewhere in the report, retailers told us predictive analytics hold tremendous power across many areas of the retail enterprise – but apparently product selection is a bridge too far. For now at least, when it comes to their product mix, retailers are content to try and learn from the past, rather than use technology to help shape the future.

Newsletter Articles October 16, 2018
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