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My Great Sabbatical Adventure

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We’ve all read and heard about the Great Resignation. Heck, I’ve talked about it enough. Well, here I am, and yup, I’m joining the crowd – time for the Great Sabbatical.

I have been thinking about this for well over a year, but then along came the pandemic. Heck, if I was going be in the house anyway, I might as well be working. And I have, along with doing some fun things like learning to kayak and getting more serious about photography. Then, back in late September I was in a serious car accident. Got t-boned at a dead stop. Cracked some ribs, got a concussion, and did some serious soul searching. Having a birthday a couple of weeks ago certainly added an exclamation point to the whole thing. Life is short. I’ve been working for 40 years and, if I’m honest, I started 8 years late. In other words, it has been a minute. A very long minute.

My wife has had her own adventures this past year – losing a kidney (a happily benign problem), being awake during the entire accident (I was not – I was in La-La Land, couldn’t even remember my name and was fairly sure I was dead) which left her with just a touch more PTSD, and she ended the year with the flourish of having 2 teeth removed last week.

It’s time. I need a break. What are we gonna do? I haven’t got a clue. So far the only vision I have is to definitely pursue more photography, and by the grace of Moderna, some travel that has been postponed far too long. My bucket list is oddly short: go see Adele in Las Vegas (wait listed, so that may not happen), New Zealand, Costa Rica, who knows? Fix my stubbornly recalcitrant knee? The nice part of sabbaticals is the “Who knows?” part of the equation.

Maybe I’ll even take up the guitar again (yes, I really used to do that – singles gigs in small bars). Maybe I’ll become an iguana hunter. Might even join a board of directors or two.

Some relevant details you should know:

  • I am not going completely away, which is why I am calling this a sabbatical. I’ll still be the money person for RSR and might write a weekly newsletter from time to time.
  • I’m also thinking about reviving my writing with Forbes. Maybe.
  • I will continue to opine on RetailWire on behalf of RSR. No maybes about it.
  • If I was part of the advisory you signed with RSR earlier in 2021, I will support any efforts you may need help with until the advisory is complete. If not, I’m available for a conversation as needed. 65 years of retail experience doesn’t just dissipate overnight. I do know some things. And if you know me at all, you know I can’t stop expressing myself.

One fun thing: I was invited to the National Bitcoin Conference in Miami in January and I’m going! I’ve been following the space forever, and to be completely honest, it has morphed into something entirely different from where it started. NFTs, Bitcoins valued at $50,636.60 as of this morning, from $1,200 when I started following the space. So much for the “non-volatility” vs. fiat currency. There’s just a lot to learn. I don’t pretend to have my arms around it, but I will, and when I do, I’ll explain it to you (or of course, you can explain it to me if you get it!).

So, this is my long-winded way of saying adios. Being an analyst these past twenty years has been a blast and a gift. I honor every single one of you: vendors and retailers alike. You’ve given me great insight and a lot of laughs.

I leave you in good hands with Steve and Brian. They know a lot of things too. I have complete confidence in them.

Keep in touch! My RSR email will still be active as will my phones. Always happy to hear from you, especially your successes and lessons learned. Of course I’ll be on LinkedIn and Twitter.

You know, when I first started writing for Forbes, I wanted to use “Peace” as my signoff, at the end of every article I wrote. It was decided by I-don’t-remember-who that it was inappropriate, so it disappeared. But this is our world. And so I say to you, with all my heart:


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