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How To Get The Most Mileage From RSR’s Retail Market Insights

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RSR offers its advisory clients the opportunity to use our industry-leading market insights to frame their value propositions in the context of the real business challenges and opportunities that retailers seek to address.  Here are a few tips from some of our clients about how to get the most value from RSR content.

The Dilemma: Your company’s solutions are delivering value to key customers. You want to get the word out, but are concerned that your messaging is too focused on your technology and theoretical use-cases and not enough on retailers’ “real” pain points.

This is a common pitfall for technology solutions providers, large and small.  Tech firms spend millions of dollars and years of effort to bring new solutions to the marketplace, often only to discover that in the real world, retailers’ needs are driven by “street level” issues, not theoretical ones.  RSR’s objective is to help its clients align their value propositions to retailers’ real world concerns. 

We’ve been impressed by how some of our clients use RSR’s industry leading content to align to retailers’ real world concerns for maximum impact.  Here are some of the “best practices” we’ve observed:

  • Tie RSR content to upcoming marketing campaigns. Is your company trying to address a particular segment of the Retail industry or to address a specific set of challenges? Ask RSR to extract the content from our benchmarks that will support your message. We publish approximately ten benchmark studies on a variety of hot and perennial retail subjects every year, and can highlight the practical business use-cases that reinforce your messaging.


  • Work with RSR to develop unique perspectives based on specific data for a specific audience. RSR’s published benchmarks aggregate responses to provide a general perspective. Although we occasionally point to important differences based on retail vertical, geography, or performance, many more insights remain unpublished. All you have to do is ask! We will create “slices” of the data to support the perspectives you are trying to highlight. Ask RSR to help your team highlight unique perspectives that will be valuable to your target market. 


  • Engage with RSR to add value to your outreach. We will work with your team to develop blog content, participate in webinars, and record video “snippets” that highlight the business challenge and opportunity you are trying to address.


  • Use RSR’s content for sales enablement. Sales teams need “just the facts” to work from. RSR will work with your team to develop sales enablement material in support of your sales and marketing objectives.


Our final recommendation: ASK! The RSR partners have extensive Retail Industry experience, and all advisory clients have access to our deep bed of research into retailers’ technology investment plans and the business opportunities and challenges that drive those investments. We will help you to craft the messages that will resonate with retailers –  backed up by our experiences, insights, and data about retailer careabouts.

If you’re interested in learning more about what RSR can do for you, please contact Linda Wolfe.

Vendor Newsletters July 17, 2019