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Creating Competitive Advantage With Location-Aware Processes

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To be successful in today’s fast-changing world, retailers need to be able to “see” what’s happening in and around their businesses in real time. Such vision enables them to react quickly to changes that affect their business outcomes, and for several years now, we’ve been researching the location intelligence tools that hold the key to bringing this vision to life.

But after a year like 2020 – a year like no other – what now? How far have retailers progressed in their efforts to infuse operation processes with location intelligence in 2021? What technologies have retailers settled on to make that happen, and what stands in the way? Which operational processes have the most to gain from geo-location awareness? And is location intelligence creating a new competitive wedge for winning retailers?

Download this report – which is free to the entire industry – to find out.

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2021 Location Intelligence Report

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