The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

The Intelligent Retailer's World of Insight

In an era of continued global economic uncertainty, rapid response to market conditions is increasingly important. Once disparate departments within the retail enterprise now need to respond as a single organism. An Enterprise-wide BI strategy is vital to enabling this kind of responsiveness.

In RSR's fifth annual study of business intelligence and analytics capabilities, The Intelligent Retailer's World of Insight, retailers reiterate that the need for speed remains the most frequently cited business challenge driving the need for new BI and Analytics. But while average and laggard performers are concerned that don't get information quickly enough, most Retail Winners worry that they are unable to react to what it reveals quickly enough.

For most retailers, consumer grade usability has become the order of the day, as many retailers seek to use smart mobile technologies such as the iPhone and iPad in their operations.

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Benchmarks November 16, 2011
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