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The Great Leveler: eCommerce's Next Move

In this year's annual eCommerce benchmark, we found fascinating similarities between the largest and smallest retailers, all of whom are challenged by's continued march across the digital landscape. The sharpest differences were actually found between under- and over-performing retailers, whom RSR call Laggards and Retail Winners, respectively. Highlights at a glance:
  • Laggards are focused on keeping up with a mercurial customer while Winners are finding ways to become more fast and efficient in fulfillment operations
  • Search and browse capabilities are most highly prized as retailers seek to improve traffic to their sites, and keep customers there once they arrive
  • Better performing retailers see their eCommerce platforms of today becoming their cross-channel platform of the future
  • Budgets are tightening across the board
  • Even with declining budgets retailers have plans to purchase more technologies to support the digital domain
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Benchmarks November 13, 2013
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