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Retailers' Omni-Channel Blind Spot: Digital


In our 2015 benchmark on retailers’ omni-channel strategies, we found retailers in something of a funk. Retailers believed that omni-channel shoppers were less profitable than in the past, and they reported little progress made in tackling some of their biggest omni-channel challenges. This year, our benchmark reveals retailers in a more positive frame of mind, but still with a long way to go in achieving their omni-channel objectives.

The 2016 Omni-Channel Strategy benchmark contains:

  • 21 data charts
  • 27 pages of analysis
  • Perspectives on retailers’ top omni-channel business challenges
  • Retailers’ reported priorities in achieving their omni-channel strategies
  • Perspectives on the organizational inhibitors getting in retailers’ way
  • An overview of the technology investments retailers plan to make – short term, and long term

This report will help answer the following questions:

  • When measuring cross-channel influence, what role should digital measures play?
  • Among retailers, where is omni-channel innovation coming from? The largest? The smallest? Somewhere in between?
  • Which selling channels are the highest priority for retailers? Has mobile finally eclipsed catalog as a selling channel?
  • Which omni-channel processes do retailers see as having the greatest impact on their business?
  • Is retail about to enter a replacement cycle for Distributed Order Management? What other technologies may be in play?

Stay on top of retailers’ omni-channel challenges and where they are looking for help to overcome those challenges. Download the report today!

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Benchmarks August 25, 2016
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