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eCommerce Performance: What Works, What Doesn’t, And What’s Next?


As eCommerce sites strive to meet consumer expectations, retailers find they must add more features and content to deliver rich and engaging online experiences. But by doing so, retailers risk losing online shoppers due to poor website performance. While rich images and real-time responsiveness (especially those capabilities enabled by third parties) are critical, they significantly degrade web page load times resulting in inconsistent shopper experience and increased bounce rates. As a result, consumers’ patience for retailers’ technology challenges is at an all-time low, and will only get lower.

How well do retailers’ websites perform today? RSR engaged in a unique approach for evaluating 80 retailers’ websites to find out. Do desktop sites perform better than mobile? Do sites with more third parties drag vs. those with fewer? Download the report and explore the practices of Winners and laggards when it comes to website performance.

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