The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

Research Agenda

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RSR Research Agenda Calendar

Customer Engagement

  • Survey Release: Jul-2017
  • Report Release: Nov-2017

Location Data's Place In Retail

  • Survey Release: Sep-2017
  • Report Release: Jan-2018

How Retail Disruptors Drive Industry Change

  • Survey Release: Nov-2017
  • Report Release: Jan-2018

Retail IT Spending 2018

  • Survey Release: Nov-2017
  • Report Release: Feb-2018

Merchandising 2018: Moving Beyond Price

  • Survey Release: Dec-2017
  • Report Release: Mar-2018

Supply Chain Execution 2018: At the Speed of the Consumer

  • Survey Release: Jan-2018
  • Report Release: Apr-2018

Digital Selling: A 360 Degree View of Digital

  • Survey Release: Mar-2018
  • Report Release: Jun-2018

The Future of the Store 2018: The Innovation Imperative

  • Survey Release: May-2018
  • Report Release: Aug-2018

Retail Innovation in 2018

  • Survey Release: Jun-2018
  • Report Release: Sep-2018

IoT 2018: Making Better and Faster Decisions

  • Survey Release: Jul-2018
  • Report Release: Oct-2018