The Candid Voice in Retail Technology: Objective Insights, Pragmatic Advice

RSR Research Agenda Calendar

Practical Retail Uses For The Internet of Things

  • Survey Release: Jun-2019
  • Report Release: Oct-2019 View Report

The Real Role Of Robotic Automation In Retail

  • Survey Release: Nov-2019
  • Report Release: Feb-2020

The Store: Meet BORIS & BOPIS: The Profitability Twins

  • Survey Release: Jan-2020
  • Report Release: Apr-2020

Merchandising: Can Agility And Sustainability Work Together?

  • Survey Release: Mar-2020
  • Report Release: Jun-2020

Making Stores Great Again

  • Survey Release: Apr-2020
  • Report Release: Jul-2020

The Cloud In Retail: Promises Made - Promises Kept?

  • Survey Release: Jul-2020
  • Report Release: Oct-2020

TBD #2: Now Welcoming Your Ideas

  • Survey Release: Sep-2020
  • Report Release: Dec-2020
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