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“SAP has found RSR’s benchmark studies and data gathering methodology to be ‘bulletproof’. Their team of experts are credible, strategic and a delight to work with. We are a proud client of RSR’s and look forward to continuing an ongoing collaborative relationship with their analysts.”
Richard Murray, Vice President Strategy and Solution Management, Trading Industries – SAP

“We very much value our relationship with RSR Research, and we enthusiastically recommend their services to others. The RSR staff represents a collection of some of the best and brightest minds in the retail industry, with individual contributors who focus on pushing the envelope in helping retailers understand what is most relevant to running a successful organization. Revionics has chosen to sponsor their work due to the excellent insights found in their work, the high degree of retailer interest, the quality of their publications, and the follow-through and attention that we receive as partners. We will continue to look for additional opportunities to work with RSR, including utilizing their services to advise our own business.”
Todd P. Michaud, President & CEO – Revionics, Inc.

“Eqos highly values RSR’s industry expertise, understanding of issues most important to retailers, and opinions relative to the market. The analysts are not only luminaries in the technology arena, but additionally publish forward-thinking and well researched studies on relevant and timely topics on a regular basis.”
Jane Biddle, CMO – Eqos Systems Ltd.

“Quantum Retail is a growing company and RSR’s insight provides us with an excellent read of what is front of mind for retailers. We’ve found the quality of their research and analysis to be very high, as you would expect from industry experts, and look forward to finding new opportunities for partnership.”
Chris Allan, Founder – Quantum Retail Technology, Inc.


Linda Wolfe

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