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Retailers Sending Mixed Signals To Customers On Mobile Payments

28 October 2014, 09:41

Over the past year, I’ve had a fast-paced immersion into the world of payments and data security. Data breaches, Bitcoin, and now Apple Pay have become subjects I’ve been asked to both write and opine about. Without the help of companies like TSYS, friend Tim Toews and partner Brian Kilcourse, I’d be flailing in the […]

Jobs vs. Careers in Retail

8 May 2012, 12:31

In a typical RSR “Selling Technology Value to Retailers” (STV) session, we can have 25 technology sales representatives in a room, ready to get an infusion of inside information that will help them to understand “what makes retailers tick”. We’ll start the session with round-the-table introductions, and two questions we ask the participants are, “have […]

Internet Retailer: Digging Deeper

21 June 2011, 09:49

There are some conferences where I get to spend the whole time in sessions (and I happily tweet everything I hear that I like), and then there are conferences where the only session I get to hear is my own. Internet Retailer (IRCE — #IRCE2011 for those of you playing along on Twitter) is definitely […]

The Most Complicated Supply Chain Idea in the World

19 April 2011, 01:00

Ah, consultants. I can make fun of them because I used to be one. I’ve heard all the jokes: they only come up with things that run on a copier, they look at your own watch in order to tell you the time… That’s consultants for you. The other thing that consultants do is invent […]

Don’t Forget About Data Security and Privacy

18 January 2011, 00:00

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the Honda Motor Company and on a whim (I almost always throw letters from car companies away, assuming that they just want to sell me extended warranties), I opened it to read. Much to my surprise, it was a notification that an unauthorized access to […]

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