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There Is No Silver Bullet for Showrooming

26 June 2012, 12:04

An article posted on strategy+business (registration required) recently came to my attention. It was floating around in a pool of articles that revolved around battling showrooming, how shoppers consume social media content, and mobile’s role in the in-store experience. This article stood out because it promised to provide insight into the customer mindset around their […]

Family Dollar’s Continuous Customer Insights

25 October 2011, 16:22

We’ve talked a lot at RSR about the growing gap between the online shopper experience and the in-store shopper experience – mainly, a warning that the online experience is starting to eclipse the store one, especially when you compare the amount of information that a shopper has at their fingertips online vs. at the shelf. […]

The Economic Power of Women

18 October 2011, 09:46

Retail practitioners, pundits, and analysts all love to talk about the power of the consumer, and in many cases that consumer is referred to as “she”. It’s hardly surprising; in many retail verticals, women are the primary shoppers. For example, the company that I worked for (a chain drug store) knew that over 70% of […]

Geo-fencing the Store

27 September 2011, 10:46

At Shop.org a couple weeks ago, if there was one trend that I saw consistently among solutions aimed at consumer mobile, it was the concept of geo-fencing. The down and dirty definition: creating a GPS or at least a cell-tower-triangulated barrier around a location, whereby crossing that barrier triggers some kind of action. In retailer […]

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