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History Of Omni-Channel Part 4: Mobile Arrives In Retail

17 March 2015, 09:41

This is part 4 of an on-going series on the history of omni-channel. Part 1 addressed the point when customer centricity and “cross-channel” (the early days of omni-channel) first merged and became the foundation of what most people mean when they say omni-channel today. Part 2 talked about the tipping point of executive awareness, when […]

‘Being There’ With Mobile: Some Will, Some Won’t

3 March 2015, 06:52

For the past three years that we have conducted a mobile-specific research report, little has changed as it relates to external challenges. Retailers are painfully aware of consumers’ leg up. In fact, from the moment we first offered, “we need to be there” as an option in 2013, it has been far and away retailers’ […]

Mobile: Any Use In Predictions?

10 February 2015, 08:11

While prepping to write our most recent Mobility Report, I did something kind of funny. I went back and read old articles predicting what the future of retail would look like once mobile devices took over. I started with my own (one favorite find was a piece I wrote in Extended Retail Industry Journal back […]

For In-Store Mobile Experiences, Retailers Should Look to Restaurants

25 August 2014, 20:35

Last week I attended the Connect Mobile conference in Chicago. It was, for me, an unusual mix of mostly restaurants and some more traditional retailers. All were there to explore the opportunity that mobile presents for their business, whether mobile marketing, mobile in stores, mobile for employees, or mobile for payments. There was a lot […]

What Consumers Say about Mobile

8 April 2014, 07:02

If you read our research, you know that we typically don’t survey end consumers. Our core offering – benchmark reports – are conducted by a) picking a topic that is highly relevant to the current retail landscape and then b) asking retailers what they self-identify as the biggest challenges, opportunities, and roadblocks within that topic. […]

What Are Retailers Doing with Mobile Technologies?

25 March 2014, 07:23

As I wrote about in my article last week, for all retailers, an eCommerce site that can extend to mobile is the best technology approach for their customer-facing mobile strategies. This is important, since it indicates that retailers aren’t thinking of mobile as yet another selling channel separate from eCommerce. The notion of channels begins […]

Budget and the Single Platform

18 March 2014, 09:03

In nature, a “perfect storm” occurs when a combination of drastic patterns collides to make something much larger –much more impactful – than they could on their own. I’m no meteorologist, but I’ve noticed that the magic number tends to often be three. Budget has become a fairly drastic issue in retail lately, something that […]

Retailers’ Mobile Plans

3 March 2014, 16:55

Retailers have been pondering the impact of consumer adoption of smart phones since 2010, when sales and usage of the devices exploded. By 2013, retailers had developed a clear sense that the top challenge facing the industry was that “consumers are using mobile as part of their shopping experience and we need to be there”. […]

Sneak Peek at 2014 Mobile Report

25 February 2014, 11:22

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing our 3rd annual Mobile report, and as everyone knows, smart mobile devices have shaken retail to its foundations. With brand new digital paths-to-purchase, times have truly changed, and retailers are absorbing what that change means to their businesses. But what’s a lot harder to quantify is exactly how retailers are responding […]

Who’s Concerned about Consumer Privacy? Part II

5 November 2013, 11:03

Back in September, I wrote a Retail Paradox Weekly (RPW) piece about privacy and consumer data (“Who Is Concerned About Consumer Privacy?”, 9/17/13).  The net of that piece was that: “… there’s tension in the air when it comes to consumer privacy. And so I was glad to see a piece in Adage.com, that covered […]

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