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Mobile App is to Mobile Sites as Personalization is to Convenience

17 September 2013, 12:08

As an analyst, you have these moments every once in awhile when you’re on a call with a vendor and the guy on the other end pulls out a statement that literally takes your breath away. Sometimes it takes your breath away because you are fighting very hard not to laugh right out loud in […]

What I Learned in 24 Hours at the Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum

16 October 2012, 12:01

Last week I attended the MMCF – Internet Retailer’s Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum. I could attempt to organize everything I learned into some kind of story or structure and say that it all ties nicely together, but that would be really hard. Instead, I’ll give you a taste of what I experienced, which is […]

Shop.org: Getting Back to Basics

18 September 2012, 09:59

You know what phrase I’m tired of hearing? “Social Commerce.” Don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of great companies doing interesting things that I would actually honestly characterize as social commerce companies. TurnTo, SkuLoop, and 8th Bridge come readily to mind. But like “cloud” and “big data” and “optimization”, social commerce has no […]

The Consumerization of IT and the Future of UI

15 November 2011, 10:46

When it comes to enterprise IT solutions, I tend to put Kronos in the “rock” category, as in “like a rock.” As one Kronosite once told me, they don’t necessarily do things the fastest, and they don’t often push the envelope when it comes to fancy, cutting-edge technology innovations, but once they do decide to […]

Oracle Cross-Talk 2011: Introducing ‘Your Experience Platform’

28 June 2011, 09:32

The spring tech conference season is coming to a close. Last, but certainly not least was Oracle’s CrossTalk, held last week outside Washington DC. Last year in talking about the conference’s legacy I mistakenly left out that the CrossTalk conference was the brainchild of Christine Lowry and Milly Pellizzari of 360Commerce, which was acquired by […]

Internet Retailer: Digging Deeper

21 June 2011, 09:49

There are some conferences where I get to spend the whole time in sessions (and I happily tweet everything I hear that I like), and then there are conferences where the only session I get to hear is my own. Internet Retailer (IRCE — #IRCE2011 for those of you playing along on Twitter) is definitely […]

Retail’s Turning Point Part 2: A Look Ahead

14 June 2011, 10:25

Last week, as prelude to RSR’s fourth birthday, we took a look back to see what the hot topics were back in June 2007 when we started the company. This year, as we enter our fifth year, I’d like to take a look ahead. First of all, we’d like to give you a heads up […]

Retailers Turn to Digitally Enabled Consumers

19 April 2011, 02:00

At the RIS News Retail Technology Conference held in Orlando, Florida last week, there was ample evidence that retailers have overcome their skepticism about consumer enablement with smart mobile consumer technologies such as the iPhone/iPad, Droid, etc. RIS News even handed out best of mobile app awards, to Lamps Plus, Toys R Us, and usual […]

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