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Why I Might Take My Tablet Shopping

23 July 2013, 08:01

About two months ago, I saw my first tablet shopper in the wild. I really wanted to take a picture of this individual, but I restrained myself. He was in a grocery store, and he had his iPad propped up in the child seat of his grocery cart. He was doing the “grocery shuffle” – […]

What I Learned in 24 Hours at the Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum

16 October 2012, 12:01

Last week I attended the MMCF – Internet Retailer’s Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum. I could attempt to organize everything I learned into some kind of story or structure and say that it all ties nicely together, but that would be really hard. Instead, I’ll give you a taste of what I experienced, which is […]

SAP Retail Forum 2012: Getting Practical with some Big Concepts

9 October 2012, 11:48

SAP has been quietly growing its retail footprint and penetration for some years now. It takes an event like Retail Forum to bring that point home. This year’s event was held in Dallas, themed “Retail without Boundaries.”  More than 70 retail companies were in attendance, an increase in 40% over last year. Most keynote and […]

Cool Tech Alert: Browsing Gets Visual

28 August 2012, 10:48

At RSR, we’re forever pondering the implications of all things digital on the world of retail. But even strategy wonks like me like to have fun, and so like all of the partners, I’ll dabble with new stuff from time to time (and now thanks to things like the Apple App Store, I don’t have […]

How Technology Could Really Threaten Stores

12 June 2012, 10:31

Like just about everyone connected to the retail industry, we at RSR have been mulling over “the future of the store”. We get asked a lot about that (as you might imagine), and I often feel that the desired answer is either, “the stores will be fine”, or “stores are dead” (depending on who asks […]

Oracle vs. Google: Should You Care?

1 May 2012, 12:17

On April 16 at a federal court in San Francisco, the case brought by Oracle against Google for allegedly stealing parts of its Java software suite to help build its Android mobile device operating system was joined. Oracle is seeking about $1 billion in damages and a possible injunction against Google from using the software. […]

What’s The New Consumer Thinking?

21 February 2012, 08:17

Not wanting to be the odd man out, as partners Nikki and Brian both focus on Google in their articles this week, I figured I’d keep the theme alive. We recently partnered with up with Google to launch a research project that’s quite different than what we normally do. As you well know, RSR’s core […]

When is Mobile Not So Mobile, and Does it Matter?

15 November 2011, 09:48

Tablet devices are such hybrids that it’s hard for me to call them “Mobile devices.” I mean, it’s obvious that you can move around with them…people take them everywhere. But I don’t think they take them out shopping with them. They’re mobile in a ‘next-gen laptop’ sort of way, not in a smart phone way. […]

The Five Pillars of Consumer Technology and Retail

3 May 2011, 16:23

Ray Wang published a great piece on innovation in enterprise software last October, which I found last month, and the only reason it’s taken me this long to write about it is because I’ve been trying to absorb what, exactly, it means for retail. The short version of Ray’s thoughts: there are 5 pillars of […]

Retailers Turn to Digitally Enabled Consumers

19 April 2011, 02:00

At the RIS News Retail Technology Conference held in Orlando, Florida last week, there was ample evidence that retailers have overcome their skepticism about consumer enablement with smart mobile consumer technologies such as the iPhone/iPad, Droid, etc. RIS News even handed out best of mobile app awards, to Lamps Plus, Toys R Us, and usual […]

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