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Mobile: The Data Behind The Theme

29 January 2013, 10:44

In the midst of all of the January conference excitement, we also happened to put out a brand new mobile report, The Impact of Mobile in Retail. In fact, if your inbox is anything like mine this time of year, there’s a very good chance it got completely lost in the shuffle – and since […]

Lowe’s Replaces Scanner Guns with iPhones in its Stores

13 September 2011, 11:50

Not too many years ago, Lowe’s was cleaning Home Depot’s clock. Service was considered superior and the stores more “female friendly. All that changed in HD’s post-Nardelli era. It started small – HD sealed the floors in the store and removed a lot of extraneous product from the front of the store. This made the […]

Urban Outfitters: ‘Bringing the Service to You’

9 August 2011, 09:46

It’s always interesting how one change can trigger a big, long, and occasionally heated discussion — on nearly any subject. For example, in 2001, future-homerun-king Barry Bonds showed up with maple bats, and soon thereafter maple bats were in use by a lot of professional and amateur baseball players — you can even buy one […]

Oracle Cross-Talk 2011: Introducing ‘Your Experience Platform’

28 June 2011, 09:32

The spring tech conference season is coming to a close. Last, but certainly not least was Oracle’s CrossTalk, held last week outside Washington DC. Last year in talking about the conference’s legacy I mistakenly left out that the CrossTalk conference was the brainchild of Christine Lowry and Milly Pellizzari of 360Commerce, which was acquired by […]

What’s ‘In-Store’ At Manhattan Associates

7 June 2011, 10:48

Recently I finished up my spring vendor user group blitz with Manhattan Associates’ Momentum conference. I am always impressed with the very pragmatic and yet highly strategic stuff that Manhattan’s customers are doing, particularly when it comes to the in-store side of cross-channel. Manhattan’s retail customers are doing some of the most sophisticated in-store things […]

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