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Mobile: When Words and Actions Don’t Line Up

19 February 2013, 11:40

Engage in any current retail-related conversation – whether about online commerce, the supply chain, or the store – and the discussion will quickly turn to mobile. The disruptive nature of new mobile technologies is virtually unprecedented in retail history, scaling at a pace even faster than eCommerce did, and the reason is simple: consumers love […]

Mobile: The Data Behind The Theme

29 January 2013, 10:44

In the midst of all of the January conference excitement, we also happened to put out a brand new mobile report, The Impact of Mobile in Retail. In fact, if your inbox is anything like mine this time of year, there’s a very good chance it got completely lost in the shuffle – and since […]

Mobile Phones and Store Shelves: Consorting With the Enemy

1 October 2012, 22:03

Next week I’m presenting at the Mobile Marketing and Commerce Forum (MMCF), put on by Internet Retailer, on the specific topic of how web-only retailers can use mobile to compete at store shelves. I put my finishing touches on the presentation yesterday, but I’ve had mixed feelings in developing the topic all along. I’ve spent […]

Technology Comes to Main Street: One Small Retailer Tackles Mobile Self-Checkout

8 November 2011, 11:20

Unless you live in Boston, MA or its surrounding areas, you’ve likely never heard of Magic Beans toy store. After all, I do live here, and must admit that until a candid conversation at a technology conference I recently attended, I’d never heard of it either. Magic Beans is a four store chain, founded in […]

Keeping Up with Mobility: A Worldwide Effort

18 October 2011, 09:26

We recently released our inaugural report on mobile in retail, Keeping Up with the Mobile Consumer. In the opening sentence, we describe consumer mobile technology as the most galvanizing force (in a positive way) we’ve ever seen in retail. In the past few weeks, we’ve had some validation to that statement: the report has spread […]

Geo-fencing the Store

27 September 2011, 10:46

At Shop.org a couple weeks ago, if there was one trend that I saw consistently among solutions aimed at consumer mobile, it was the concept of geo-fencing. The down and dirty definition: creating a GPS or at least a cell-tower-triangulated barrier around a location, whereby crossing that barrier triggers some kind of action. In retailer […]

Sneak Peak at our Brand New Mobile Report

13 September 2011, 11:43

Later this week we’ll be releasing our first-ever report focusing exclusively on mobile in retail. For the past few years, we’ve been asking mobility questions within the scope of our eCommerce, Omni-channel, and Store-based research, but we’ve never conducted a full length Mobile benchmark before. With the proliferation of mobile devices as it is, the […]

Geotargeting’s Long Road in Retail

30 August 2011, 08:57

Over the summer, Steve Rowen and I worked on a project that entailed evaluating how retailers used localized messaging in communicating promotions to consumers. We looked across a broad continuum of communication channels – does the retailer at least leverage a closing shot in their TV advertising that lets people know the closest location? When […]

eTail East: Google Showcases Mobile Offering Pre-Motorola Acquisition

16 August 2011, 08:59

Last week I attended the eTail East conference here in Boston. I split my time evenly between the expo floor and the conference sessions. Normally I’d spend more time in sessions to take in as much of the always-valuable content as possible (the folks at eTail do a very good job with speaker selection and […]

Is the Virtual Closet Finally Here?

2 August 2011, 12:35

This week I was going to write about Ikeapocalypse (a phrase coined by Westword, a local weekly publication here in Denver). It was going to be about how well a retailer can survive the frenzy of a massive store opening event — specifically, the first Ikea in the Denver metro area. However, I still can’t […]

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