Services for Solution Providers

RSR helps you provide value for your retail clients by:

  • Creating alignment between what vendors are trying to sell and what retailers are trying to accomplish
  • Focusing vendors on the differentiators that matter to retailers
  • Evolving vendor messages to keep up with fast-moving retail trends
  • Validating specific clients’ pain points and needs against larger market trends

Solution providers can engage with RSR through:

Benchmark Reports

RSR’s benchmark reports are the backbone of our business. Survey-driven, but infused with the retail experience of our analysts, these studies focus on the issues retailers face today. Our proprietary BOOT methodology helps us contextualize external and internal business challenges, opportunities available and the technology enablers that support taking advantage of those opportunities.

Retail Winners Series

Much of the data gathered as part of our benchmark surveys doesn’t make it to the major report. Retail Winner reports use both published and unpublished benchmark data, supplemented with case studies to highlight how technology supports business growth and change in real life. As always, improvements in key performance indicator are used to highlight business value received.

Advisory Services

RSR’s advisory services are designed to help you put your best foot forward when you go to market. We leverage the deep cross-segment expertise of our analysts and our benchmark data on the state of the industry. Our analysts will conduct internal review of marketing materials, visioning sessions, strategy days, and /or roadmap analysis. We’ll validate your plans with our survey results. Press and investor support is also available on an as-needed basis.

Custom Research

RSR takes on the custom research projects other firms can’t. We can shine a light on niche markets or solutions, address niche customer bases, help identify new market trends, and create personal benchmarks leveraging our existing industry data. This research is available to both technology vendors and practitioners in the retail eco-system.

Webinars and Speeches

Our analysts are available to support your organization by participating in webinars or delivering speeches at industry and user events.

Sales Training

Our sales training program Selling Technology Value to Retailers is unique in the industry and drives powerful and rapid results. The courseware is designed to help your sales team gain a better understanding of the language of Retail, today’s business challenges and opportunities, how technology enables retailer success, what matters to Retail Line of Business executives and how to sell through the CIO.

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