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RSR creates content concerning the retail industry and related or supporting industries. Our content is free to the community, however there are some cases where such content is made available only to registered users, and in some cases registration information is provided to the third parties that sponsor specific pieces of content that we provide. This policy explains when and how your information might be shared and the steps we take to ensure your data is safe.

We use the information we collect on our Web site to deliver services and to enhance your experience. Please read below for specific details on our policy.


We do not sell or rent lists or usage information.

We do not accept any advertising on our site and therefore have no information reporting requirements to any third party.

We may aggregate statistics about how our site is accessed, frequency of opens, the number of click-throughs, first interaction, last interaction, and indirect clicks. We examine this information for internal purposes only, and never share that information with anyone outside of RSR.

We DO ask you to identify yourself (email, industry, position, title) when you take one of our surveys. We never share this information, or any of your individual responses, with anyone. The information you provide is used to classify your responses for aggregation only. We also offer confidential complimentary copies of each Benchmark report to its survey participants.

When you download a Benchmark Report, you will be prompted to log in or register. Individuals who download reports in the first 90 days of the report’s availability are opting in to have their information (name, company, position, and email address) shared with report sponsors for the purposes of contacting you for marketing and sales development. This opt-in is a requirement to access the report and cannot be bypassed. This arrangement enables RSR to provide content free of charge. To limit the amount of potential contact from sponsors, RSR places a maximum number of sponsorships on each report.

For any content that does not require a download (for example, any Newsletter articles), all usage information is kept only for internal purposes and is never shared with any third parties for any reason. Internal purposes relate to improving site usage and increasing the quality and relevance of the content we provide.

Email Privacy

RSR asks that users provide an email address as their login identity when registering for an account on our web site. This ensures a unique identity for the purposes described above.

During registration, new users are added to RSR’s subscriber list to receive additional communications about newsletters and reports, upcoming events, Benchmark surveys, and can specify topics of interest for more personalized communications. If you choose to not check the Contact boxes, you will not be included in RSR’s subscriber list. To remove your email address from RSR’s registered users, please email with your request. Once your user profile is deleted, you will be sent a confirmation. Your profile, download history, and contact preferences will not be saved and you will not be able to access RSR’s Benchmark downloads without registering again.

Once you are on the RSR subscriber list, you may ask to be removed at any time. Every email that RSR sends contains a link where you can manage your contact preferences as well as unsubscribe. Unsubscribing from RSR’s subscriber list does not delete your user profile. If you wish to delete your user profile on RSR’s site, you must follow the registered user process described above.

Additionally, unsubscribe requests or issues may also be sent to the following postal address:

8875 NE 10th Court, Miami, FL 33138

RSR may update this privacy policy without prior notice. Any updates or changes will be prominently displayed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time.


Linda Wolfe

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