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RSR is able to provide free, high-quality research to the community because of your help. If you participate in an RSR survey, we promise that:

  • We will keep complete anonymity of individual survey respondents. We want you to be able to speak honestly and freely about your company’s business challenges and priorities.

  • We will only use your answers in aggregation with other responses.

  • We will provide you with the final report in advance of publication, so that you get to be one of the first to learn what your peers have also reported.

  • And finally, you have direct access to the report authors to ask any questions about the topic that you took the survey on.

Please help us keep our research fresh and valuable! Surveys take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Here’s what we have open for participation currently:

What’s Next for the Future of Stores?

16 April 2014, 11:57

In spite of every emerging consumer technology, stores can’t go away. In addition to retailers’ massive investments, customers still want to visit stores. The problem is we no longer know why. What may drive one individual to leave their home and visit a store is almost guaranteed to vary – and drastically – from what […]

Tell Us Your Opinion on Supply Chain Strategy: Global, Omni, Local

28 February 2014, 08:57

Supply Chain Strategy: Global, Omni, Local As omni-channel strategies start driving change in the supply chain, retailers must balance the needs of global efficiencies against local flexibility. Help us gauge the state of supply chain strategy in retail as this balancing act plays out in everything from store design to sourcing relationships. The Supply Chain […]


    Linda Wolfe

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