Current RSR Surveys

RSR is able to provide free, high-quality research to the community because of your help. If you participate in an RSR survey, we promise that:

  • We will keep complete anonymity of individual survey respondents. We want you to be able to speak honestly and freely about your company’s business challenges and priorities.

  • We will only use your answers in aggregation with other responses.

  • We will provide you with the final report in advance of publication, so that you get to be one of the first to learn what your peers have also reported.

  • And finally, you have direct access to the report authors to ask any questions about the topic that you took the survey on.

Please help us keep our research fresh and valuable! Surveys take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Here’s what we have open for participation currently:

Security & Privacy: A Priority Yet

22 April 2016, 09:56

After another year of banner headlines about data breaches, we have to ask: how important are security and privacy issues to retailers these days? After all, it’s not like we haven’t seen such headlines before. Even still, security and privacy haven’t necessarily received the attention they deserve. But as the world changes – rapidly – […]

Omni-channel: Profitable Customer Engagement

11 March 2016, 09:57

Retailers have long been worried about creating more, deeper, and lasting customer engagement. But as they create more channels to serve consumers, they also create more complexities on how to fulfill their customers’ demands. Is omni-channel fulfillment actually profitable? Are customer needs being met in the most efficient ways possible? This survey will assess retailers’ […]

Growth In A Crowded Marketplace: Retail Growth Strategies in 2016

11 February 2016, 12:28

Growth In A Crowded Marketplace: Retail Growth Strategies in 2016 While todays’ consumers have the whole world in their pockets & purses and can find solutions to their lifestyle needs anytime and anywhere, the store remains an important part of retailers’ Brand Value. The challenge for retailers today is, how to grow the Brand in a converged digital/physical marketplace […]


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