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Retail Marketing 2014: On the Digital Road

September 17, 2014

In the brave new world of omni-channel retail, marketing has quickly become the most obvious way to see whether a retailer is able to present one brand face to the customer or not. In this report, we focus specifically on digital marketing capabilities. We want to understand how well retail marketing organizations, whether independent digital […]

Retail Analytics Moves To The Frontline: Benchmark 2014

January 8, 2014

RSR’s latest study on BI & Analytics in Retail shows those retailers that understand the strategic importance of new data about the customer experience are already becoming the next generation of Retail Winners. Some highlights from the study: The ability to plan and execute more effectively has supplanted reporting results as the most important use […]

Retail Business Intelligence: A Work in Progress

October 11, 2012

The rapid shifts in consumer behavior and the proliferation of new channels that are forcing retailers to cope with new data sources, new ways of looking at analytics and new analytics capabilities — combined with new form factors like tablets and smart phones — are upending the well-established discipline of Business Intelligence in retail. The report is […]

Marketing in Retail: Making the Case for the CMO

September 5, 2012

The retail marketing leader currently seems halfway through a transition — reporting in the right place, but without the span of control or influence that will help that leader succeed as retail enterprises transform themselves into customer-centric organizations. And that serves as the primary theme we found in our 2012 benchmark on the state of marketing […]

Omni-Channel 2012: Cross-Channel Comes of Age

June 12, 2012

When RSR first started conducting cross-channel benchmarks, our going-in thesis involved testing whether retailers thought multi-channel retailing was an important priority. At the time, not all of them did. Today, we find ourselves at a new inflection point — no longer is the discussion about whether cross-channel is important. Instead, whether they view it as strategic or not, […]

Customer Centricity 2.0: The Rise of the Chief Marketing Officer

December 14, 2011

Retailers are currently struggling with something beyond a proliferation of channels – it’s more like an explosion – both for selling to and communicating with consumers. This disruption is hitting the marketing department, as retailers rush to provide a single customer experience across digital and traditional channels. It is also felt within the retail executive […]

Social Media’s Impact on Customer Engagement

May 15, 2011

Social media channels offer forward-thinking retailers a true chance to engage with customers the way they live, and in return, the way they shop. Properly executed, social media offers the opportunity to become a more personalized part of current and potential customers’ lives and build genuine loyalty – the hallmark of Retail Winners throughout the […]

The State of Personalization in Retail: Benchmark 2010

August 1, 2010

‘Personalization’ is rapidly becoming the defining experience on the web, setting customer expectations for the relevancy of their interactions with retailers and brands across all channels. But how well are retailers keeping up? This report examines the state of personalization in customer communications today, and where retailers are heading in the near future. After a brutal […]

The Promotion Trap: Why Promotions Are Now a Critical Cross-Organizational Issue

June 1, 2010

Promotions have undergone a strategic shift in the last two years, created by the combined forces of economic pressures; a re-learning of the importance of promotions as a traffic driver as retailers move away from other, less effective price strategies; and new requirements imposed by the drive to localize assortments. However, these new drivers behind […]

CRM and Loyalty 2009: Increasing Relevance to Drive Customer Demand

August 15, 2009

Early versions of customer relationship management were just not ready for retail prime time, but the same can no longer be said today. With consumer demand rocked by the triple-whammy of high unemployment, low housing prices, and crushed financial markets, customer programs and CRM-related initiatives have become top priorities for retailers looking to maintain relationships […]