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Lean and Green: How Sustainable Practices are Changing Retail

November 1, 2010

More retailers than ever believe that environmentally responsible initiatives are just plain good business sense. Those already winning at the POS believe this the most. But while frustration grows while waiting for consumers to start demanding greener products, Retail Winners are turning their focus to internal, more controllable initiatives. Which are the solutions and practices that […]

The Better-Run Restaurant: Environmental Sustainability in Restaurant Retail 2010

February 1, 2010

For a restaurant organization, there are three reasons to enact environmentally sustainable practices: to save cost, to reduce waste, and to build a greener brand – ultimately creating customer loyalty. However, restaurateurs are pained by ingredient costs, wasted electrical and fuel-based energy costs, and an overall confusion as to what practices will have the most […]

Real World Green: The Role of Environmental Savings in Retail

July 1, 2009

Much has changed in the brief 12 months since our 2008 report on environmental sustainability in retail. Not only has the overall sentiment about green evolved, but the areas where retailers are investing have changed significantly. Retail Winners (those retailers whose sales are already outperforming their competitors’) have made even greater progress: for them, green […]

What Can Green Do For You?

May 1, 2008

Discussion of environmental friendlieness is everywhere today. Media focus has been on reducing carbon emissions, or the “CO2 footprint” of individuals and companies. Skyrocketing fuel costs and growing customer demand for “greener” products are front and center – but what are Winning Retailers doing right now amidst the hype? What are the near- and mid-term […]