Research: Cross-Channel

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Omni-Channel Retail 2014: Double Trouble

August 12, 2014

Consumers now expect to begin and end their shopping experience in the digital domain, or augment their store experience with digital mobile.  It’s no longer an option.  It’s a requirement. Retailers who don’t offer a seamless experience that traverses the digital and physical domains are at a disadvantage. For consumers, it’s just shopping, redefined. RSR’s […]

What’s In Store for Stores? Benchmark Report 2014

June 19, 2014

In the midst of retail’s Reset Moment, retailers are finally starting to funnel technology back into their stores. So far, the safe bets are associated with labor productivity and shopper satisfaction surveys. However, if the store is to once more become a relevant stop in the shopping experience, they have a long ways yet to […]

Mobile In Retail: Reality Sets In

February 25, 2014

Thanks to their love of smart mobile devices, consumers have shaken retail to its foundations. With brand new digital paths-to-purchase, times have truly changed, and retailers are absorbing what that change means to their businesses. In this, our 3rd annual benchmark on the state of Mobile in Retail, we wanted to find out exactly how […]

Supply Chain Execution 2014: Making Omni-Channel Profitable

December 11, 2013

The retail supply chain as it currently exists was designed to support a cost structure and a business model that is rapidly becoming obsolete: a store-only model. Given the supply chain’s relative isolation from omni-channel transformation to date, are retailers aware of the pressure that is building? Do they have a plan to address it? […]

Omni-Channel 2013: The Long Road to Adoption

June 11, 2013

Consumers that connect with retailers via multiple selling channels are more profitable than ones who don’t.  As a result, the industry has moved from the question “Should we sell through multiple channels?” to “How can we effectively  execute on a cross-channel strategy?” We asked retailers to share their hopes and concerns: Key Findings: Retailers are […]

The Relevant Store in the Digital Age: Benchmark 2013

May 8, 2013

As stores try to find their way in a brand new digital world, we asked retailers to candidly share their experiences. Key Findings Retail Winners see stores helping to compete with the online experience and are less likely to think future growth will only come from digital channels. They expect they can reverse the erosion […]

Tough Love: An In-Depth Look at Retail Pricing Practices

April 8, 2013

Retailers continue to escalate the number of price changes they send to stores and other channels. Their field human resource infrastructure groans under the sheer weight of the work effort involved in keeping signage and tags up to date, but pressured by perceived consumer price sensitivity and increased competitive pressures, these price changes continue. This […]

Retail Payments: When the Future Becomes Now

March 6, 2013

In three years’ time, retailers expect mobile and digital payments to catapult from almost nothing to a major piece of their payments environment. But they aren’t looking to their traditional payment partners to lead them through this maze of payments change — they expect consumer-focused technology companies to take charge. Why would retailers look in this […]

The Multi-Channel Retailer’s Reality in a Post-Amazon World: Benchmark Report 2012

November 14, 2012

Customers have become channel agnostic, and as a result, retailers know they must be as well. But this year, the challenges typically associated with operating a successful eChannel — all are overcome by cross-channel coordination and inventory deployment. Key Findings Include: 50% of those with top-performing sales (Retail Winners) are operating more than 4 brands or […]

Executing on the Promise: Retail Fulfillment 2012

July 11, 2012

In this report, we find the retail world at a decision point. Retailers have managed to isolate their supply chains from cross-channel impacts, but the volume has now grown to the point where it can no longer be ignored. But even more so than the conflicts that arose between eCommerce and stores, we find that […]