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Profitable Fulfillment: Are We There Yet?

April 26, 2016

Back in January, the folks at Aptos asked us to help them figure out the success retailers are having with cross-channel fulfillment. We all know that many retailers are willing to let customers “have it our way” when it comes to satisfying demand. We also had a feeling that it might be working, but it […]

Don’t Let Procurement Negotiate Enterprise Software Deals: Part 2

April 26, 2016

In last week’s Retail Paradox Weekly, we discussed the perils and pitfalls of employing the Corporate Procurement function to negotiate enterprise software solution deals. This week, we’ll offer some pragmatic advice on how to move forward. How Did It Get To This? For last week’s Retail Paradox Weekly, I interviewed three technology sales executives, who […]

Where Are Mobile’s Biggest Opportunities?

April 26, 2016

As a shopper, what do you use your mobile phone for most? I’m asking in the traditional retail, sense, of course – not the texting between social media sessions or weather checks (all of which can certainly factor into retail shopping these days). But more in the sense of finding a store, or searching for […]

Cloud In Retail Is Here To Stay

April 19, 2016

Last week I attended Oracle’s Industry Connect, an event part thought leadership, and part an opportunity for Oracle to present its roadmap to its retail customers in a conference-style setting. Oracle has a very strong point of view regarding the future of cloud – the company is betting pretty much the entire future of its […]

Don’t Let Procurement Negotiate Enterprise Software Deals

April 19, 2016

As all of us at RSR go through past blog posts and “vintage” research as we prepare to move to our new website, we occasionally come across a piece from years ago that has relevance even today. This is one such piece, from 2011, slightly updated, but still important. Transactional vs. Relationship-Oriented Agreements In a […]

The Core Components Of Retail Transformation

April 12, 2016

Last week I attended Microsoft Envision, the company’s inaugural event targeted towards thought leaders. During the event, analysts and press were invited to a more town hall style format to sit with Chris Capossela, the CMO of Microsoft. He focused his comments on the transformation currently happening within Microsoft, which alone are impressive. I confess […]

RBTE 2016: Focus On Employee Empowerment

April 12, 2016

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending the Retail Business Technology event in London (which completed its fifth successful year of operation in March) is that it’s so easy to see in “real life” what it being talked about at the event. London is a hotbed of very competitive retail shops. The city remains […]

The Retail Method Of Accounting: Still A Troublesome Anachronism

April 12, 2016

Last week I was speaking with a client about managing merchandise plans. In the course of the conversation I asked “How many of your clients are still using the Retail Method of accounting?” Much to my surprise, and to their own apparent dismay, the answer was “most of them.” In fact, they wanted to know […]

Retail Still Moves More Slowly Than Needed

April 5, 2016

RSR is preparing to roll out a new website. You’ll be hearing more about the new site in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, as part of the implementation plan, we’ve each been charged with insuring our old newsletter articles have been correctly moved to the new site and formatted correctly. This task has […]

Justifying Infrastructure Investments

April 5, 2016

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a technology strategy consultant. What that really boiled down to was, I translated IT to business executives, and translated business to IT people. Way back then, it was pretty easy to justify infrastructure projects. The IT department’s budget included provisions for things like telecom, network, […]

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