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The Endless Data Security Saga Continues

September 16, 2014

Home Depot is the latest retailer to experience a serious data breach. Consumers and retailers alike are no doubt asking, “Will it never end?” The short answer is, “Probably not.” I don’t need to give you a list of all the retailers that have been breached this year. It’s a long list, and depressing, especially […]

Mobile Payments: Reports of NFC’s Death Were Premature

September 16, 2014

There was a full page ad on page A3 of the Monday 9/15 San Francisco Chronicle that cried out in big bold letters, ”WE THE PEOPLE Want our Money Safer Than Our Selfies. PAYPAL Protecting The People Economy.” And the tagline read, “Download The PAYPAL App Now And Securely Buy Almost Anything With Just One […]

Paranoid: Another Way to Look at Privacy

August 5, 2014

In two weeks I’ll be participating on a panel at MobileConnect on consumer privacy. I confess, a little teensy bit of wind has been taken out of the sails by Apple’s decision to start making MAC addresses much harder to track in the future, but there are still plenty of things to consider, worry about, […]

Early Signs of Tech Disillusionment?

July 15, 2014

There were several bits of news recently that, although disconnected in their subject matter, had one thing in common: some (perhaps) early indicators that the current mobile technology craze has “jumped the shark”. I’m not sure everyone will agree (especially those who make their livings selling all the latest-and-greatest), but it does seems to me that […]

Investors Don’t Care About Data Breaches?

June 24, 2014

A piece came out in Businessweek on May 21st, entitled, “Investors Couldn’t Care Less About Data Breaches”. The gist of the article is that for two out of three well-publicized data thefts (T.J.Maxx and Ebay), the stock price didn’t seem to suffer any damage beyond a blip at the about the time of the announcements […]

The Customer Privacy Paradox

April 22, 2014

Last week my week began with a very provocative theory put out by a vendor. The theory goes like this: the NSA and Edward Snowden have made consumers hyper-aware that nearly everyone is collecting data about them in some form or another. And the Target breach has made them both angry and somewhat resigned to […]

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

April 15, 2014

Data security breaches have been a frequent topic not only of RSR’s Retail Paradox Weekly, but of just about every technology blog, news aggregator, and traditional news channel extent in the U.S., and quite possibly most of the world. Just to give you an idea, I googled “data security breach” to prep for this article, […]

In-store Tracking and Data Security: The FTC Is Getting Involved

March 11, 2014

Retail used to be a simple business, buy stuff, put it in stores, sell it, and tabulate the results. But technology has made our industry more complex. We have new things to think about. In fact, technology has expanded our choices to a point where we have to ask ourselves, “Just because we can do […]

Did PayByTouch Have It Right After All?

February 25, 2014

I don’t spend as much time rooting around in the depths of the technology stack as Brian does, but every once in awhile there are developments that emerge from the murky depths of hard-core technology architecture that catch my eye. Beacons, for example, are a hot topic lately. Security is a hot topic too. That’s […] Hacked, Why Should Retailers Care

February 25, 2014

Portions of this piece were originally published on, but it seemed important to re-iterate it here. It’s starting to seem like consumers are getting hack notifications almost as often as the Northeast has been getting snowstorms this year. Last Sunday, I found myself the recipient of yet another notification – this one from […]

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