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Sympathy for the (Discount) Devil

July 15, 2014

We hear the same thing over and over in our surveys: retailers’ business strategies are confounded by consumers’ continued price sensitivity. As much as retailers profess that they would love to ditch a constant downward spiral of promotions and deals in favor of more rational prices and competition based on products, quality, and service, they […]

The Future of Stores: 3 Big Take-Aways

July 1, 2014

Last week I attended Future Stores in Seattle. The topic, obviously, was the future of retail stores. There was a blizzard of content – 20 minute rounds of presenters followed by slightly longer panel sessions, followed by roundtable discussions at the end of each day. It would take me pages and pages to report out […]

What Is Old Is New Again: GT Nexus Bridges

June 10, 2014

Supply chain visibility. A noble goal. One that I have been involved in pursuing in some way or another in retail since 1994, when I landed a job that involved haranguing buyers about keeping on top of their back orders and cancellation dates. RSR has tracked retailers’ progress against achieving supply chain visibility goals since […]

In the Moment @ IBM Smarter Commerce

May 20, 2014

One of the more circular arguments in retail through the last 15 years or so has been about the question, “How ‘real time’ does real time data need to be in retail?”  In fact, I think this goes back quite a long ways – I vaguely remember HP trying out some “right time” messaging on […]

What It Means to be Customer Focused: Momentum Report-Out

May 13, 2014

Last week, Paula and I attended Manhattan Associates’ Momentum conference. This was the seventh time I’ve attended Manhattan’s conference. In that time, I have seen them launch SCOPE and SCALE, their approaches to end-to-end supply chain. I have seen them move to a single platform to support that approach. And now I can say that […]

The Next Big Thing

May 13, 2014

There’s a big debate in the little world of retail research & analysis about the phrase “omni-channel”. Like any buzz-phrase, it’s been used as an umbrella term for a whole bunch of things. And so (inevitably) the whiplash reaction now goes something like this: “look, ‘retail’ is ‘retail’! Exactly how retailers service consumer needs has […]

Retail Marketing, Disrupted

April 29, 2014

Last week I had to present my take on the current state of retail marketing. At first I thought it would be tough to come up with key trends, especially in an omni-channel context, because we’re kind of entering a transition period for omni-channel, where the industry is moving from strategy into execution, and marketing […]

Amazon’s Befuddling Behavior

April 29, 2014

It’s no secret that I’m an junkie. Prime was the crack that lured me in; Prime and the fundamentally cloistered life working out of the house or on the road leads me, as well. I don’t have any daily travel pattern that would allow me to “pick up some [fill in the blank] at […]

Why Dropship is Not (Yet) Strategic in Retail

April 8, 2014

Last week I was asked about dropship, specifically, why it isn’t enjoying a high level of adoption among retailers. To be able to answer that question requires digging a little deeper into dropship’s context. First, a definition: dropship is when a retailer appears to carry an assortment of merchandise, but never actually takes possession of […]

What Consumers Say about Mobile

April 8, 2014

If you read our research, you know that we typically don’t survey end consumers. Our core offering – benchmark reports – are conducted by a) picking a topic that is highly relevant to the current retail landscape and then b) asking retailers what they self-identify as the biggest challenges, opportunities, and roadblocks within that topic. […]

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