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GameStop Uses Data And Customer Experience To Survive And Thrive In Stores And Online

September 29, 2015

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in Forbes, but it seems really relevant to our retail readers as well. It’s an object lesson in surviving and thriving in a world where logic says you shouldn’t really succeed. If you mention the company GameStop to a casual observer and talk about its success story, they are […]

Are Retailers Finally Getting Serious About Servicing Plus Size Women?

September 22, 2015

Long-time readers will remember that I’ve bemoaned the state of the plus-sized clothing industry for many years. And those of you who’ve met me will know why. I’m a customer. And I’m not alone. Current estimates of the percentage of the female population larger than size 12 are up to 60%. That’s a lot of […]

Engage 2015: Stores Back In Central Focus

September 15, 2015

Last week I had the opportunity to attend RIS News’ excellent conference “Engage 2015.” We heard from several retailers including Chico’s and GameStop, and a fun panel of shoppers led by WSL Strategic Retail president Candace Corlett. We also heard from a couple of “futurists” who I’ll discuss shortly. First, the good news: the store […]

One In Seven Earthlings Used Facebook In A Single Day: A Community Too Big To Ignore

September 1, 2015

It was one thing when Facebook surpassed a billion users. That apparently happened in October 2012 and in some circles it was relatively easy to dismiss. Dead people, people with multiple accounts, people who signed up but never logged in, you name it. In fact, back then, even CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the company was […]

Don’t Call It a “Glitch”

August 18, 2015

On Sunday, news outlets reported that the prior day a computer glitch in the air traffic control system had caused major slowdowns at airports in New York and Washington DC. While flight schedules have returned to normal, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was still investigating as of Monday morning. The use of the word glitch really infuriated […]

Adventures With

August 11, 2015

It all started innocently enough. I was driving around with my spouse and I mentioned newly launched shopping site Neither my spouse nor I had ever visited, and the name was met with a blank “what the heck is that?” stare. As most of you probably know, is meant to be the […]

Navigating Retailer In-Store Technology Needs

July 28, 2015

A trend has been building over the past three years and it seems to have reached critical mass – retailers are recognizing the real importance of the in-store employee in creating a better in-store experience for consumers. On the surface this sounds great, but we found somewhat conflicting data in this year’s store benchmark report: […]

Prime Day: What The Heck Was That?

July 21, 2015

I confess to being completely flummoxed over Amazon’s mid-summer sales event “Prime Day.”  Like many, I looked forward to it, expecting to find interesting deals on items I’ve been waiting to buy. Prime Day came, and like millions of others, I went to the site to see what was available.  I found nothing of interest, […]

Organizational Inhibitors: Derailing Change

June 30, 2015

RSR uses The BOOT Methodology© as a framework in all our research. Frequent readers will recognize “the BOOT”.  It’s an acronym and a model, and the model really works: B=Business Challenges retailers face that drive change. These are most typically external to the enterprise. A generic, common business challenge retailers face is “improving customer service […]

Is Overexpansion Cheapening Luxury Brands?

June 22, 2015

A version of this article originally appeared in my Forbes blog. I thought it might be useful for RSR’s readers as well. And most importantly, I’m VERY curious to hear your thoughts too. In Miami, a new version of “The Design District” is rising out of the ashes of the old Design District. This four-block-square […]

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