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Don’t Let Procurement Negotiate Enterprise Software Deals: Part 2

April 26, 2016

In last week’s Retail Paradox Weekly, we discussed the perils and pitfalls of employing the Corporate Procurement function to negotiate enterprise software solution deals. This week, we’ll offer some pragmatic advice on how to move forward. How Did It Get To This? For last week’s Retail Paradox Weekly, I interviewed three technology sales executives, who […]

Don’t Let Procurement Negotiate Enterprise Software Deals

April 19, 2016

As all of us at RSR go through past blog posts and “vintage” research as we prepare to move to our new website, we occasionally come across a piece from years ago that has relevance even today. This is one such piece, from 2011, slightly updated, but still important. Transactional vs. Relationship-Oriented Agreements In a […]

RBTE 2016: Focus On Employee Empowerment

April 12, 2016

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending the Retail Business Technology event in London (which completed its fifth successful year of operation in March) is that it’s so easy to see in “real life” what it being talked about at the event. London is a hotbed of very competitive retail shops. The city remains […]

Is It ‘The Best Of Times’ For Retail IT?

March 28, 2016

Intel recently published a thought piece entitled, Envisioning Technology’s Role In Transforming Retail’s Future. The article led off with this: “Developments in technology keep accelerating, and few industries are being pressured to change as quickly and completely as retail. The astounding speed and power of shoppers’ computing devices are turning shopping into a constant, instantaneous […]

Coming To Terms With Retail Planning

March 22, 2016

Retail planning is a hot topic throughout the industry right now. The burning issue that brings this core capability front-and-center is that demand comes from more than one place: from the stores, the call center, and from the digital space. Matching that demand to supply in a way that is satisfying to consumers is more […]

RBTE 2016: Retailers Must Be Digital Companies… With Stores

March 15, 2016

This year’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE), held at London’s iconic Olympia Exposition Centre on March 9-10, was actually three shows in one: the retail technology event, the Retail Digital Signage Expo, and the Retail Design Expo. Taken in total, the event was a cornucopia of solutions focused on one of the retail industry’s biggest […]

Small Retailers: A Dilemma For Tech Services Providers

March 8, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some thoughts about the struggles of small town retailers, along with some recent data from RSR’s E-Commerce study that indicated that small retailers place far higher hopes on “digital” than the largest retailers do as a way to secure their futures. While that may seem a little counterintuitive […]

Small Town Blues

February 23, 2016

Small towns have been in the retail news a lot lately, and not for the best of reasons. In particular, Walmart’s announcement that it would close more than 150 U.S. stores has caused many small towns to cry foul because of lost tax revenue and the impact to local employees and consumers. That complaint is […]

A Clear Message For Stores: Modernize… Or Close

February 16, 2016

At the NRF Big Show last month, we had a conversation with a sales executive from a big store technology provider. When we asked him how 2015 had gone, he expressed some disappointment, blaming the fact that retailers spent their time and money updating their payment systems to be EMV compliant, putting off any other […]

Retailers Caught In A Crossfire At NRF’16

January 26, 2016

The underlying truth of the last five or six NRF Big Show events, held every January in New York City, is that retailers have lost sight of where and how (and why) consumers shop. In “the old days” before we all had smart mobile devices, consumers generally did almost everything associated with shopping within the […]

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