Why Work With RSR

Retail Systems Research was designed from the ground up to be different from any other analyst firm you’ve ever worked with.

To help you succeed, we promise to be:

  • Objective — No competitive intelligence = no conflicts of interest
  • Candid & Honest — Make your mistakes in private in order to put your best foot forward in the market
  • Realistic — No frameworks for frameworks’ sake. Pragmatic, actionable, near-term value. Things change too fast to do more than that.
  • Flexible — Nimble & easy to work with. What you need, not what we want to sell.
  • Accessible — Boutique service and pricing for world-class expertise. No hoops.

RSR’s Vision and Mission

The Problem

Technology is core to retailers’ ability to compete and differentiate, but technology’s pace of change has far outstripped retailers’ ability to absorb and master it.

Digital Channels
Threaten the relevancy of retail’s traditionally largest asset: the store
Consumer technology threatens retail differen-tiators of price and product
 IT Consumerization
Threatens the value of current enterprise investments

The current technologies deployed in retail — many of them decades old — will not support the basics required merely to compete, let alone win in retail.

The Vision

Technology must play a strategic role in enabling the future retail enterprise and business model:

  • Information assets are at least as important as physical assets
  • The CIO as strategic partner, not requirements gatherer
  • IT must move from command and control to the hacker way
  • IT must shift from cost center to revenue enabler

This is the only way for retailers to win as consumers and the information age transform the retail business model.

Our Mission

To elevate the conversation about retail technology to a strategic level within the retail enterprise by:

  • Providing objective, pragmatic advice to both retailers and solution providers
  • Leveraging our extensive retail industry experience
  • Providing a deep bed of research into retailers’ technology investment plans and the business opportunities and challenges that drive those investments.


Linda Wolfe

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